Sonic Vitamins Review

Enhancing Your Mental Capacity with Sonic Vitamins

If you’re looking for something to enhance your mental capacity then Sonic Vitamins is for you and it will help you. The only way to know if it works for you is to try it.

Sonic Vitamins Review Brain Entrainment
Just buy it, test it out and see the results for yourself. It works for me and I don’t see why it wouldn’t want to work for you. If you’re not satisfied with it then the alternative is to return and ask for a refund from the seller.

If you truly believe in the power of your mind and brain and how it really can affect your circumstances to achieve whatever you put your mind to it then you are a step ahead of the average person. Coupling that with what Sonic Vitamins recordings offer is the best combination to achieve your life goals in a shorter time.


Your Mind and Thoughts


Your desires, your thoughts and your actions etch the very path you’re on. Whether that path is, whether it is riddled with pebbles and rocks or one that is smooth and easy to walk upon, nonetheless, it is created out of the very thoughts you have.

Basically, with the power of your thoughts, your mind and Sonic Vitamins recordings will enhance your brainwave vibrations/frequency to help you step into a state of higher awareness. This awareness increases your mental acuity giving you the power to achieve the things you very much desire in a shorter time. For example, anyone can really benefit from higher concentration levels.


Enhanced State of Mind with Brain Entrainment Music

Sonic Vitamins will benefit anyone who has chosen to enhance themselves in one way or another via the use of sound waves. The sound waves and the music that plays through the stereo headphones are professionally created to induce an enhanced state of mind.

We can stimulate our inherent dormant powers in two ways, either through internally manifesting deep meditation states that presumably takes a while to step into or through the use of new technologies to take a somewhat short cut into this realm. Sonic Vitamins help you to take that short cut without any effort on your part other then sitting down for 30 minutes to listen to a Sonic Vitamin Session with music which is professionally encoded with frequencies. Sonic Vitamin Sessions are not only beneficial to have but also pleasant to listen to.


Brainwave Entrainment Technology With Sonic Vitamins Review

If you’re not having much progress in using your own thought patterns to enhance your life then you can definitely use Sonic Vitamins recordings to move you into states that will truly enhance your life for the better. Best of all it is time saving and very safe to use such a technology. We recommend brainwave entrainment technology in place of subliminal recordings. Subliminal recordings reprogram you mind and that could have an unnatural effect on you life.

– No subliminal recording –

Please note that our society is riddled with subliminal messages which are in abundant use especially in mass media marketing. The biggest and the most affective subliminal messages are the ones that bypass your thought patterns and go directly to your sub-conscious mind thereby avoiding your logical processing mind. In order to have a better life we need to filter the visual and audio inputs to the brain and mind.

Sonic Vitamins uses brainwave entrainment technology to recreate certain brainwave frequencies that will attempt to put one into a state of mind in a few minutes. It is not in anyway hypnotic or otherwise, but more of who you. This technology is best used while you’re relaxed and sitting down away from any distractions.

Sonic Vitamins brainwave entrainment technology can put on into a state of:

  • total relaxation
  • sleep to get that power nap
  • higher concentration
  • superior focus

This technology will also improve your mood to the positive side, clear your mind from everyday stress and best of all it will bring you total control of yourself and centered and aligned with earth energies.

Where to Get it

Each session lasts for 30 minutes containing a mixture of natural sounds and gentle music to put you into the desired state for that session and each session has specific purpose like relaxation, de-stress, higher concentration and better focus.


Does This Technology Really Work?

The answer to this question is yes. This technology helps you to influence your brainwave patterns, to ensure that you reach the desired mind states. It is like a switch. Turn it on when you need to move into a particular state of awareness. Sonic Vitamins recordings are scientifically proven to work with everyone and every session comes with a money back guarantee.

Whenever the need arises for:

  • meditation
  • to take a power nap
  • perform at or near your peak levels

then switch on your mp3 player and listen to the selected session.

They say repetition makes perfectness. It applies truly well to Sonic Vitamins recordings too.

“The more often you listen, the quicker you’ll be able to get into the state you desire.”


Is it Safe to Use?

This is not a technology that will harm you in any way. It is completely harmless because unlike subliminal messages there are no programming involved with your brain. The technology is more akin to magnetizing your synoptic brain connections.

However, if you’re susceptible or suffer from epilepsy or similar conditions then we would not recommend you use this technology.

The special technology works to help you change mental state more quickly for the better.


How does it feel and sound like?

Brainwave Entrainment recordings are specially recorded using high technology to encode the signals within the soundtrack to stimulate your brains natural rhythmic frequencies for better awareness.

The general experience is on of pleasantness and a feeling of joy. It is a matter of just listening to soundtrack without any effort and let the technology bring you into a state of mind the track or session is designed for.

It is clean and clear recording that is very comfortable and pleasant to listen to. These recordings are designed to help you mentally get to where you want to go.

Sonic Vitamin recordings are specially made to include natural sounds that include atmospheric sounds mixed with beats and pulses.

here’s an example

Click here to Download Sample

This file contains a sample of 5 from our library with a duration of 10 seconds each.

What are some of the benefits you will get from using Sonic Vitamin Entrainment Recordings:


  • A boost in Energy Levels
  • Helping you to exercise
  • Put you in a positive state of mind
  • De-stress and relax you
  • Heightened state of awareness
  • Sharpen you thinking
  • Lift your mood
  • More directed focus
  • Brainstorm ideas
  • Help you to study better
  • Help you to recall and enhance memory
  • Learn things faster
  • Go deeper into relaxation
  • and much, much more

Once you tap into the right state of mind then you can achieve practically anything. Sonic Vitamins can help you do that quickly and almost effortless, putting you in control of your brain.

The biggest difference Sonic Vitamins makes is that they allow you to get into these states when you want to and at your convenience, instead of waiting for the “The Zone” to kick in. Sonic Vitamins is like a vitamin pill for the brain to switch it on when you so desire.


Can I get stuck in one state?

No, eventually the natural body and mind needs will take one out of that state. We need to work on staying in “The Zone” or state of mind. If you stop using it, you will slowly drop out within an hour or so. It’s like food, you have breakfast and then your body starts to shout to you about lunch when it feels the need.


How long does it take to work?

The sessions last for 30 minutes hence expect to reach the desired state within that time.

The recordings use the latest technology to produce maximum results in the allotted time. Follow the listening instructions for maximum benefits and desired state of mind for most effective sessions.


How do the Sonic Vitamins downloads work?

Sonic Vitamins downloads are recorded in MP3 format. You can listen to them with just about any modern device that plays digital music. So, any computer with a music player will be able to playback the recordings.

Always use headphones while listening to the session unless otherwise indicated in the instructions manual for that session. Maximum benefit is obtained with stereo headphones. No point in listening to them with mono headphones. Definitely must have a stereo listening connection.

If you play sessions on a computer speaker that are meant to be listened on stereo headphones then the quality of the recording is greatly diminished and the expected results will deteriorate drastically. Once again, I emphasize that you should listen to the sessions through stereo headphones for maximum benefit.

You can also burn them on an audio CD after downloading so you can play it in any regular CD player with headphones.

These sessions will play on any computer or device capable of playing digital music:

  • Windows Operating System
  • Macintosh
  • Linux Operating System
  • on most phones that offer stereo quality
  • iPhones
  • iPads
  • Blackburry
  • Siemens
  • Nokia
  • and others

How quickly will I get my sessions?

You will receive an email immediately after making your purchase. The email will contain instructions and download links.

Make sure you enter a valid email address and white list it if you’re using filters in your email software.

If you purchase the CD version then the delivery of the CD can typically take from 3 – 14 days depending on your location. UK residents will typically receive them in 2 – 5 days and international orders can take up to 14 working days.

Where should you listen to these sessions?

You can listen to them anywhere that will have very little distraction for maximum benefit. Simply relax, put on your headphones and listen to the session to enter the state of your choice.

Most sessions require headphones but there are some that don’t require a headphone and are indicated in the product details when you make the purchase.

Sonic Vitamins Review

Sonicvitamins for the brain

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